Student Loan Overview

The student loan program was established in September 2006 as a cooperative effort among IFC, BII dan Sampoerna Foundation. This cooperation is an extension of the commitment of BII, SF dan IFC as the first private sector entities in Indonesia to provide financial/credit facilities to cover the cost of university education. Currently this student loan program involves cooperation with 29 universities in Jakarta, Bandung, Salatiga, Malang and Surabaya.

BII StudentLoan (Education Loan without Collateral)

The Solution to continue your Study

This student loan without collateral requirements is a low interest credit product from PT. Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tbk (BII), Sampoerna Foundation (SF) dan International Finance Corporation (IFC) designed to help undergraduate and graduate students to cover the expense of their studies at noted universities cooperating with SF and BII.

These loans can be used to pay several charge, such as:

- Registration/enrollmnt fees
- Tuition for Associate (D3), Bachelor (S1) and Master (S2) degree programs

The advantages :

- Guaranteed low fixed through loan period
- Easy terms and rapid processing
- No collateral required
- No credit administration fees
- No bank service fees (Provision)
- Loan platform from Rp 10 juta to Rp 200 juta
- Loan period of up to 3 years
- Anyone employed, professional or business person can qualify for a loan
- Loans can be taken out by parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, spouses, in-laws or the students themselves.

Requirements and Stipulations for Student Loan:

- The Loan Platform (or maximum loan limit) is 5 times the monthly income of the loan applicant
- Loan seeker’s income must be at least Rp 40 million per year
- Joint income (husband/wife; siblings, etc.) calculations are acceptable
- Length of Loan Period (Tenure of Loan) : 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months.

Applications are available at all participating universities, BII and Sampoerna Foundation.