Personal details
Name : Mansur Hidayat, S.Kom
Place/Date of birth : Jepara, April 25th 19xx
ID card number : 1246.05806.072xxx
Diving License : A and C
Height and Weight : 173 cm, 63 kg
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Religion : Moslem
Nationality : Indonesia
Languages : Indonesian, English (Fluent)

Contact details
Temporary Address : Jl. Sunter Kemayoran No. 31 RT 08/09 Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara 14350.
Permanent Address : Jl. Menoreh II No.35, Sampangan, Semarang 50236.
Contact Number : +6281326666xxx
Email Address :
Weblog :

Educational Background
2001 – 2006 : Graduated from Stikubank University (Unisbank), Majoring Informatics S1 (Accreditation, GPA : XXX), Semarang.
1997 – 2000 : Graduated from Senior High School, SMU Walisongo Jepara.
1994 – 1997 : Graduated from Junior High School, MTs Matolibul Ulum Jepara.
1988 – 1994 : Graduated from Elementary School, SD N 1 Lebak, Jepara.

Work Experience
a. PT. Gelatik Supra Semarang. ± 7 months (August 2005 – February 2006).
Profile : An agency of Sales Promotion Girl/Boys for many Principal.
Position : - Team Leader SPG, SPB She and Brylcreem Go to School 2006.
- Team Leader SPG, SPB Starburst Amild Soundrenalin 2005, etc.
Responsibilities : Manage team work, promoting and sales a products.
b. GIORDANO Citraland and Java Mall. ± 5 months (November 2004 – March 2005).
Profile : International Fashion Retail from Hongkong.
Position : Customer Service Assosiate (CSA).
Responsibilities : Sales the product, service and handle customers complain.
c. Government of Town Semarang, Electronic Data Processing Departement. ± 1 month (August 2004 – September 2004).
Profile : Goverment Institution office.
Position : The Apprentice Student.
Responsibilities : Setting Hardware and Software to support networking operational.
d. Luv NET Sampangan. ± 6 months (February 2003 – July 2004).
Profile : Warung Internet (Warnet).
Position : Billing Operator.
Responsibilities : Operate the server terminal, manage a client and as a cashier.

Workshop and Seminars participations
2006 : Seminar “The Art of Effective Marketing Communications: CHAMPIONING LOCAL BRANDS” by Alexander S. Mulya from MarkPlus&Co, Semarang.
2005 : Workshop “Pendidikan Pasar Modal” from LPPM Bisnis Semarang.
2005 : Seminar “Smart Financial Strategies for a Better Life” by Safir Senduk from Undip and Bank BNI, Semarang
2005 : Seminar “Potensi Peningkatan Penggunaan Alat Pembayaran Non-Tunai di Provinsi Jawa Tengah” from Bank Indonesia Semarang and Stikubank University, Semarang.
2004 : Workshop & Seminar Jurnalistic “SCTV Goes to Campus 2004” from SCTV, Semarang.
2004 : Seminar “Masa Depan Mahasiswa Fakultas Teknologi Informasi” with Arief Musta’in, GM TELKOM Regional IV Jateng & DIY from Stikubank University, Semarang.
2003 : Seminar “Building Web Database with Oracle” from International Lab. Sertification Stikubank University, Semarang.
2003 : Seminar “Evolution in Mobile Technology” from Telkom Flexy, Ericsson Mobility World and Jatis Solution, Semarang.

Organizational Experience
  • Chairman of ADWINDO Jateng (Asosiasi Duta Wisata Indonesia DPD JAteng)
  • Member of HMPSTI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika) Unisbank.
  • Member of IC (Internet Club) Unisbank.
  • Chief of Student Schools Organization (OSIS) SMU Walisongo Jepara.

Competent with all Microsoft Office application, eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0, SQL Server 2000 for Pocket PC, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Foxpro 7.0, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Frontpage 2000, Video Studio 7, Networking, Installment software application computer and Operating System for Windows series, etc.

Personal strengths
I am a fresh graduate college student with several works experiences. I have strong basic in Information Technology and I also have experience in sales, marketing and manage a team. I have a knowledge about banking products and instrument of Stock Market. I am really interested to study journalism, business management and banking. I can work alone or team.

Additional Information
Skripsi Title : “Rekayasa Aplikasi Kamus Bahasa Inggris-Indonesia pada PDA (Personal Digital Assintant) Berbasis Microsoft Pocket PC Menggunakan eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 (eVB)”.
Hobby : Reading, Traveling, Swimming, Music, Movie and Computer
Expected salaries : Negotiation.